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                                                  Cerro McKay, overlooking Coyhaique
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From Patagonia House, your home base, you will want to branch out and explore the beautiful sites of Central Patagonia.

The expert guides of Salvaje Corazon can take you to the best sites for photography, fly-fishing, hiking, exploring or anything you might wish to experience during your stay.

Please check out their services at


Here are some books that will give you more information about the region, its geography, natural history and inhabitants.

Fodor's Patagonia (Fodor's Gold Guides)

Lonely Planet Guides to Patagonia and also to Chile

Moon Patagonia (Moon Handbooks) by Wayne Bernhardson

Time Out Patagonia (Time Out Guides)
(Paperback - Feb 1, 2006)

Patagonia: At the Bottom of the World by Dick Lutz

Patagonia: The Last Wilderness by Axel Bos and Daniel Rivademar

Enduring Patagonia by Gregory Crouch

PATAGONIA by Pablo Valenzuela Vaillant
large-format photo book with texts in Spanish & English

Natural Patagonia, by Marcello D. Beccaceci

Arboles Nativos de Chile, by Claudio Donoso Zegers

Feild Guide to the Birds of Chile, by Braulio Araya M and Guillermo Millie H

Fungi Of the Andean-Patagonian Forest, by Irma Gamundi and Egon Horak

Patagonia: Natural History, Prehistory and Ethnography, by Colin Mcewan

Voyage fo the Beagle, by CharlesDarwin

Idle days in Patagonia, William Henry

Attending Marvels: A Patagonia Journey, George Gaylord Simpson

Andes Patagonicas, by Alberto De Agostini

Land of the Tempest, by Eric Shipton

In Patagonia, by Bruce Chatwin

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